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Re: More reviews in debian-l10n-english?


Christian Perrier schrieb:

> ...which brings me to: could such documents be sent for review on
> debian-l10n-english before publication?

Sure.  My plan is to have them ready by Sunday evening and send them out
Monday evening.  Would that be enough time for you?

Shall I send you the complete text, or would a pointer to the text do?
I mean, since the DPN is currently drafted via wiki.debian.org, it would
be very easy for you to correct it there.

On the other hand, IIRC you mentioned once, that you prefer to be able
to proofread while being off line... and I still need to change it
slightly from the wiki-syntax to wml.  So the error starting the thread
wouldn't have been catched.

Yours sincerely,

PS: On the third hand, I'm considering to drop the wiki approach in
favour some vcs...

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