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Re: Request for English debconf template review

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> [Please respect M-F-T on replies, I'm not subscribed to this list.]

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>  + Most services that use Pluggable Authentication Modules need to
>  + be restarted to use modules built for this new version of libpam. 
> If the user doesn't figure out that Pluggable Authentication Modules == PAM,
> I don't see any reason to waste the space explaining it. :)

Debatable, but I think that seems a bit arrogant.
It only adds 5 characters.  Maybe should lose the leading caps too.

> > + The following list of services were detected as running now [...]
> Hmm, inaccurate; we do no checking of whether the services are running, we
> are only detecting whether the services are installed and we use invoke-rc.d
> to handle the rest.

OK, that was me misunderstanding the original!

> But perhaps:
>   Please check the following list of init.d scripts for services to restart,
>   and correct it if needed.  The script names must be separated by spaces.
>   To avoid restarting any services at this time, use an empty list.
> ?

Seems fine to me.

> BTW, "empty the list" is misleading with the debconf readline frontend,

OK.  The inconsistencies of the frontends makes templates fun.

> > - Among the services that require restarting are the display managers kdm,
> Stylistically, I prefer my original again. :)  But thanks for the
> suggestions.

My main motive was I don't like the roundabout of "Among the services..."
I'd even prefer "Services that require restarting include..."

At least, the original should lose the commas in front of "and" in lists
and pick either "that service" or "this service" at the end.

Hope that helps,
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