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Re: Request for English debconf template review

Justin and MJ probably have better wording suggestions than I would
have so I'll keep mine as general suggestion with one goal: *shorten
this down*.

Too long debconf templates raise a few concerns for me:

- being long, they're likely to not be read entirely...:)
- they are likely to be split on two screens on 80x25 terminals
- their translations are even more likely to be too long for such terminals

> Template: libpam0g/restart-services
> Type: string
> _Description: Services to restart for PAM library upgrade:
>  Most PAM-using services that are running at the time of upgrade must be

"that are currently running" would be shorter (probably a little bit
less precise but that doesn't matter that much)

>  restarted before they can use PAM modules built against this new version
>  of libpam.

"they can use the new PAM modules" could be enough.....

>  .
>  Please check the following list of services detected for restart and
>  correct it if needed. The services are listed by the names of the init
>  scripts in /etc/init.d and must be separated by spaces.  To avoid
>  restarting any services at this time, use an empty list.

"space-separated list of services (named after their init script)"

I'd drop the sentence about an empty string not restarting anything:
that should be obvious to anyone.

>  .
>  Among the services that require restarting are the display managers kdm,
>  wdm, and xdm.  If you are upgrading from within an X session started with
>  one of these display managers, restarting that service will terminate your
>  X session.  It is recommended that you remove this service from the
>  list here and restart it later at your convenience.
>  .
>  Other services that use PAM but cannot be restarted for you include
>  xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver, and xlockmore.  You will not be able to
>  authenticate to these services until you restart them manually.

Maybe something like "Some other services such as ...... cannot be
restarted automatically and will nee you to restart them manually"

> Template: libpam0g/restart-failed
> Type: error
> _Description: Failure restarting some services for PAM upgrade
>  The following services could not be restarted for the PAM library upgrade:
>  .
>  ${services}
>  .
>  You will need to start these manually by running
>  '/etc/init.d/<service> start'.

Fine by me. I suggest adding:

to avoid ${services} to be translatable (and likely to be translated...:-))


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