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Re: Maybe I need a better video card?

On 9/21/11, john Culleton <john@wexfordpress.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 05:21:17 -0400
> "Andrew" <knoppix@rngresearch.com> wrote:
>> I think that part of the "mouse choppiness" problem

For what it's worth, sounds kind of familiar here.. I stay out of the
exchanges here because I'm still in 6.4.3.. Hate wasting everyone's
time if things have already been adjusted by the next release..
"Choppy" is good word to express what my mouse/cursor are doing.. It
recently moved into double-clicking on its own as well.. Also have not
commented on that because it's a little pink CHEAP thing.. In thinking
in hindsight as I read this exchange between you all, though, same
mouse/cursor did work well originally in 6.2.1.. :)

>> I am experiencing some bizarre flickering/horizontal banding when
>> returning to Compiz from screen savers such as atlantis or
>> crackberg.

Didn't experience quite what is described here because I go with
Openbox via the Compiz "Select Window Manager" option immediately on
reboot.. DID still have to do away with screensaver completely,
though, and is first thing I do on a reboot, as a matter of fact..

Tested with all Compiz Window Manager options (Compiz, Metacity, KWin,
Openbox).. Was same with every one, regardless of whether any one
particular screensaver or all were used, too.. A few minutes of
screensaver running seems to be ok if I forget to disable it but
entire system permanently locks down, goes blank/black with only
cursor showing, and must be shut down then rebooted *every time* if
screensaver runs for extended amount of time.. Gut says it's possibly
new default setting that could be triggered/cheatcoded on reboot..
Just haven't spent time pursuing it even though I *do* miss the neat
artwork/creativity filling the screen..

Other issues I had with 6.4.3 include NOT being able to locate an
800x600 screen resolution option as "Preferences > Monitor Settings"
choice *IF* I reboot just by telling the DVD "knoppix".. By accident
following you all here discovered the "screen=800x600" toggle/cheat
code that works beautifully, including the system then presenting the
"800x600" option for "Monitor Settings" along with about five others..

Previous to using that toggle/cheat code, the screen would display
EVERYTHING AT LEAST quadruple-fold, sometimes more like six or eight
times repeated horizontally, while one attempted to locate the then
otherwise non-existent 800x600 "Preferences > Monitor Settings"
option.. *IF* I could even get to that "Monitor Settings" window under
those visually interesting circumstances, there would be a far more
limited range of choices available for setting screen resolution,
possibly even just *one*, that did not help.. If it matters to
anything later on, I'll gladly reboot and test just to see for you

At the risk of publicly embarrassing myself but maybe perhaps helping
someone else out here the way it helped me, trial and error related to
sound, resolution, and display *for my very specific, VERY OLD
hardware setup* led to the following [boot commands] while using the
6.4.3 DVD:

knoppix xmodule=intel alsa screen=800x600

Whatever works..? *grin*

Warmest wishes from North Georgia..

Cindy Sue

PS and also for what it's worth, albeit offtopic, I'm successfully
using slamr, slmodemd with an OLD dialup modem via Knoppix.. Took
solid month of trial and error plus running to local library to search
for clues, tips, drivers, and software, but I'm here so it now works
(with several unresolved errors/glitches regarding accessing it as
user Knoppix rather than root).. :)

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