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Re: Maybe I need a better video card?

Dear Cindy Sue,

> On 9/21/11, john Culleton <john@wexfordpress.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 05:21:17 -0400
>> "Andrew" <knoppix@rngresearch.com> wrote:
>>> I think that part of the "mouse choppiness" problem
> For what it's worth, sounds kind of familiar here.. I stay out of the
> exchanges here because I'm still in 6.4.3.. Hate wasting everyone's
> time if things have already been adjusted by the next release..
> "Choppy" is good word to express what my mouse/cursor are doing.. It
> recently moved into double-clicking on its own as well.. Also have not
> commented on that because it's a little pink CHEAP thing.. In thinking
> in hindsight as I read this exchange between you all, though, same
> mouse/cursor did work well originally in 6.2.1.. :)

If you mean the mouse double-clicking on its own when you only
single-click, that probably means the mouse button has worn out.  (And
CHEAP mice are rated for fewer clicks.)

6.2.1 worked very well for me.
6.4.3 was a major disappointment in several respects.  The video behaved
so poorly as to be unusable.
6.4.4 was a huge improvement.
6.7.0 didn't work well for me.  Choppy to the point of very, very irritating.
6.7.1 is a huge improvement.

800x600 video adapter + DVD-ROM and enough RAM to run 6.4.3 in graphics
mode: Now that is an unexpected combination.


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