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Re: Maybe I need a better video card?

On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 05:21:17 -0400
"Andrew" <knoppix@rngresearch.com> wrote:

> Dear Klaus,
> What brand of video card works best with Knoppix?
> I think that part of the "mouse choppiness" problem (and perhaps all
> that remains in 6.7.1) may be my video card/driver.  It is an Nvidia
> card (about one year old), and I was having incredibly choppy screen
> updates in 6.4.3 with the nouveau driver.
> I am experiencing some bizarre flickering/horizontal banding when
> returning to Compiz from screen savers such as atlantis or
> crackberg.  I was only able to fix it with init 2, init 5.  After
> running any of twenty or so 3d screen savers, the graphical
> environment was malfunctioning in some way which could only be fixed
> with Menu > Preferences > (Re-) start 3D desktop compiz.  Most of the
> various failure modes did not involve flickering/banding; instead
> aberrations in the way graphical items were being mapped/unmapped
> from the display.  For example, in some cases, when clicking on the
> panel's menu icon, instead of rectangles filled with menus and
> submenus, they would be rectangular regions in which the wallpaper
> was shifted.
> Maybe I would be better off with a more Knoppix-friendly card?
> Maybe another brand would be more solid, or have a more solid
> driver?  (Or maybe I just need a higher grade Nvidia card?)  Thanks!
> Regards,
> Andrew

I found that things work better after applying the Nvidia driver
install, which also prepares a minimal xorg.conf file. The executable
file is named:

But I didn't do this on Knoppix, only on Slackware 13.37.

John Culleton
Wexford Press
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"

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