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Maybe I need a better video card?

Dear Klaus,

What brand of video card works best with Knoppix?

I think that part of the "mouse choppiness" problem (and perhaps all that
remains in 6.7.1) may be my video card/driver.  It is an Nvidia card
(about one year old), and I was having incredibly choppy screen updates in
6.4.3 with the nouveau driver.

I am experiencing some bizarre flickering/horizontal banding when
returning to Compiz from screen savers such as atlantis or crackberg.  I
was only able to fix it with init 2, init 5.  After running any of twenty
or so 3d screen savers, the graphical environment was malfunctioning in
some way which could only be fixed with Menu > Preferences > (Re-) start
3D desktop compiz.  Most of the various failure modes did not involve
flickering/banding; instead aberrations in the way graphical items were
being mapped/unmapped from the display.  For example, in some cases, when
clicking on the panel's menu icon, instead of rectangles filled with menus
and submenus, they would be rectangular regions in which the wallpaper was

Maybe I would be better off with a more Knoppix-friendly card?

Maybe another brand would be more solid, or have a more solid driver?  (Or
maybe I just need a higher grade Nvidia card?)  Thanks!


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