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Re: Maybe I need a better video card? Editing xorg.conf?

On 2011/09/21 12:04 (GMT-0400) Andrew composed:

I think it would be much simpler to buy a new Knoppix-friendly video card
and let the autoconfig do its thing.

Autoconfig can't work anywhere near optimally for everyone, and for some, at all. This is an Xorg problem, not specific to Knoppix.

A replacement choice that seems appropriate today could turn out to be the worst in any future version update. There are far too many hardware variants for anywhere near all to be tested during development.

That said, any card that hasn't been around long enough for a reasonably wide amount of testing is a gamble, while one that's been around too long could cease to be supported well at any time. IOW, pick something that's been on the market at least a year or so, and shy away from anything older than about 3 years if you're shopping for something new.
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