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Re: Please, help Linus install Debian!

Le 25 Juillet 2007 18:06, vous avez écrit :

> > Didn't you read the reference I gave:
> >
> > <http://lists.debian.org/debian-knoppix/2007/07/msg00000.html>
> > from: "I treid Etch, recently, and it was too many headaches."
> Hi Gilles,
> No, I didn't. I had a quick glance at it, but it was very long

If you start from where I said you should -- "I treid Etch, recently, 
and it was too many headaches." -- there are only 12 lines which are 
relevant. If you find this long, surely, you haven't read Debian's 

> Nonetheless I do not agree. I installed Debian also for the desktop
> recently with a bunch of Linux newbies I had in a linux training.

If the newbies had you nearby and you explained, for instance, they 
should use "sux" instead of "su" when they get the message "Xlib: 
connection to ":0.0" refused by server" they saved a few hours 
screening Debian's circumdocumentation... to finally find the answer 
at Gentoo's. That's not what I call user-friendly, and there are many 
such exemples.

But I believe I'll stop the discussion here. Otherwise, I'm afraid 
that, instead of copy-pasting the FROM field of one of my messages in 
his mail filter, Sir Eddelbuettel will sent tons of relevant messages 
to explain that I'm "simply wasting everybody's time here". You know 
how some Debian experts have to get their point through...


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