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Re: Please, help Linus install Debian!


> Yes, but Microsoft/Intel also have their cheap computer project.
They do? When  I am right the latest TabletPC from Intel runs RedFlag Linux. 
The equivalent to olpc from Intel runs Windows. It works ~ 1 hour from 
battery without alternative power supply. cool thing when you are in rural 
area with the next ac line some days walk away. and the desktop is not 
culture neutral. "Culture neutral" this time in the sense of real culture, 
not computer culture. Thats why this thing wont get its feet off.

> All I wanted to say is there is place for Knoppix as a LiveCD for
> everyone. It would be a fabulous proselytizing tool and I hope this
> is taken into consideration by the developer.
Interesting thing. As I see it in my area 1-2 years ago that was in fact the 
case, even with windows-only sysadmins. But as the release times increase 
that role has been taken by ubuntu live cd. deban-live is yet too unknown but 
it seams to evolve in the right direction - in fact it's quit useful.  For me 
it seams the Knoppix days are quite over. Mr. Knoppers focus is moving and 
the gap has been taken by ubuntu. Seams because it has managed to keep a 
tight and reliable release cycle and Knoppix releases are delayed more and 
more. Thats not what consumers want. Anyway, no big loss: even when the 
project will not give any new releases, the technology has helped other 
projects to get on their way.

Nikolaus Klepp

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