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Please, help Linus install Debian!

"So the only major distribution I’ve never used has actually been 
Debian, exactly because that has traditionally been harder to 
install. Which sounds kind of strange, since Debian is also 
considered to be the “hard-core technical” distribution, but that’s 
literally exactly what I personally do not want in a distro. I’ll 
take the nice ones with simple installers etc, because to me, that’s 
the whole and only point of using a distribution in the first place."


So, it seems Linus  has the same problem as me(1): I'm sure he could 
install Debian, but he just doesn't want to get through the hassle. 
As he explains, the idea behind a distro is easing things out.

(1) See: 
from: "I treid Etch, recently, and it was too many headaches."

Therefore, there's definitely some place for a (new) Knoppix better 
than (previous) Knoppix. Maybe Linus would like it! (I'm sure he 
watches multimedia too! :)

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