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final status, was: Re: Asus A7V Promise ATA100, was: Re: Spurious interrupt, was Re: [debian-knoppix] knoppix boot hang, Asus A7V ATA100

Wanted to send a summary of my issue with a boot-time hang with the built-in Promise ATA100 on an Asus A7V motherboard.

The boot process would always hang as it tried to probe the Quantum drive on the ATA100 controller.

I'm going to write it off as a Quantum hard drive issue, as I can boot knoppix if I ignore the Quantum drive.

So in summary:

- the "*Spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ 7" messages are probably a red herring - not likely applicable to the real issue

- Various configurations that include the Quantum drive as master, slave, etc., on the ATA100 controller all hang at boot time

- Other drives attached to the ATA100 work fine

- Disabling the Quantum drive (via hde=none, hde=noprobe, or by unplugging the drive) allows knoppix to boot just fine.

Looks like a Quantum drive issue to me.

So I'm working fine with:

  knoppix hde=none

Thanks for your help!


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