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Spurious interrupt, was Re: [debian-knoppix] knoppix boot hang, Asus A7V ATA100

Dieter Wirz wrote:

On Tuesday, 08 Apr 2003, Kevin J. Butler schrieb:
AFAIK "eth0: RealTek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet at .............."
Yes - the spurious interrupt looks innocuous (I do see it in my normal debian install as well, just in different places). Other web sites refer to it saying that you can probably identify the source/resolve it, but that it probably won't fix your real problem. :-) :-(
:-)  :-(

BTW: For my personal interest: Do you have a RTL8139

Nope - Sis900 in this box. But it is a "tulip" card, which is apparently a risk factor for the spurious interrupt messages.

BTW, for others seeing "*Spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ 7" *messages, the best document I found on them, includinga lot of analysis and a list of multiple causes/risk factors, was here:


I hit several of those factors (nVidia, an Asus A7V, and a tulip card!)


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