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Re: [debian-knoppix] questions / suggestions

Klaus Knopper wrote:
> If the board has a strange APIC chipset, network cards are commonly
> detected well, but simply transmit no packets. If booting with
> "knoppix noapic", they get the correct interrupts and work fine.

it's the most often used "cheat" (esp. after most people learned 'wheelmouse' is only for PS/2 ..I'll never understand, why so many Bios developers are unable to do something working...

> Some boards seem to REQUIRE apic, though, otherwise they freeze
> immediately when initializing IRQs. That's why I switched to support
> APIC, which can be turned off with the "noapic" option.

only saw the other direction - but quite logical, as we have it enabled.

Kai Lahmann

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