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Re: [debian-knoppix] questions / suggestions

On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 05:04:10PM +0200, Kai Lahmann wrote:
> Klaus Knopper wrote:
> >>The driver CAN be included!
> >>http://bravin.home.cern.ch/bravin/usbide/usbide.html
> >
> >
> >So, why is it not in the official kernel?
> maybe just because nobody did it? Sometimes I start to understand, why 
> distributions use kernels with that much modifications :(

They do this to have a market advantage over other distributions, to be
the first ones to support new or exotic hardware, which is good for
marketing and sales, of course.

But this is not a driving force for Knoppix development (at least not
for me personally). I assume that, taken into account the time it takes
for a new kernel release, the stuff included into the official stable
kernel has been tested thoroughly and seems to work well on the majority
of production computers.

That's one of the reasons I do not include ALSA by default. I have seen
MANY machines freezing completely during sound initialization with ALSA,
and until this is not either stable or at least failsafe, I see no
reason to include it. I'd rather have a working system with no sound,
than a frozen system with an excellently working soundcard.

You may talk to the developers of "WOLK" (working overloaded linkx
kernel), which attempts to include ALL alpha/beta drivers in existence
into the Linux kernel, caring more about complete hardware support than
about stability. If you want support for "everything", you should try
this as a replacement for the current stable Linux kernel.

-Klaus Knopper
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