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Re: Possibility to maintain in tree modules

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

>> The drawbacks that I can see:
>>  - when we need to update a module ('cause a security flaw or a
>>    serious bug) we'll need to recompile the whole kernel;
>   - it is well adapted to ubuntu's centralized maintenance system, but less
>     adapted to debian's distributed nature. At least that was the concensus
>     here last time we spoke about the issue.
> Also, if i remember well, ubuntu has no testing, so they can't do the two
> level archive we have, and let the testing scripts synchronize the modules
> with the kernel.

But what if every module maintainer to be a kernel-team member to work
in his modules? Wouldn't be that hard to have it done. We might have a
process to accept a module in tree but after that it start to be part
of maintainence of kernel team itself.

I just realised that it might be a good workaround for our current

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