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Re: Modules packaging policy - call for discussion

Jurij Smakov wrote:
> * Automatic rebuilds (configurable) on kernel updates. Nothing fancy, just 
> a transparent way to figure out whether the currently installed 
> kernel module source is compatible with the new kernel, and attempt 
> rebuild and installation, if neccessary.

The thing I really want to see is a way to guarantee that a binary
module package will get updated in the debian archive when the kernel is
changed. Until we have this guarantee, there's really no way the
installer can reliably depend on out of tree modules that need to be
used for anything during installation, and there's no way the installer
can reliably cause these module packages to be installed on the target

I collolary of that last is that there also needs to be a way to ensure
that module packages are always upgraded when the kernel is, which
probably would mean doing something tricky with module package names and

see shy jo

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