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Re: How do I open a kwallet4 in Stretch?

OK, so I stumbled upon https://barlog.rusu.info/valentin/blog/?p=300 ,
and comment 6 explains the problem: the whole thing's borked because
"something (that i don’t have the time to investigate) has changed in
qt5 and the existing kwalletd code, when linked against it, is unable
to correctly handle kwl files."

All bugs are shallow in open source, eh, esr?

So, following the process in comment 8, I can tricked kwalletd into
running the migration process again, which automatically searches
~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet and ports them into the fancy new KWallet
format. OK, so I have my passwords back now. I'll still pay the ransom
to get this fixed so that it works as a reasonable person would expect
it to. I'm also turning off all password management in Konqueror.

There really should be something in bold lettering in the
kwalletmanager5 readme warning people of this. I wasted over 6 hours
of my life on this problem and I really, really don't want others
wasting their lives like this, too.

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