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Re: How do I open a kwallet4 in Stretch?

Am Freitag, den 25. März schrieb Borden Rhodes:
> >>> You could try to copy the kwallet-files to a KDE4-system (maybe a
> >>> live-System from a USB-drive) and export it as XML-file.
> > I'm thinking that this is what I'll have to do, too. That and file a
> > bug that KWallet is officially ransomware.
> I tried that, but it seems that the KDE developers anticipated that I
> might attempt this and programmed KWallet with conflicting database
> versions so I wouldn't be able to use an old version of KWallet. I
> used the Wheezy KDE live CD and, when I tried to load the wallets, got
> an error -42. I'm not sure why KDE uses negative error codes, but
> that's secondary to my current problem. So it seems that KDE has
> effectively barred me from my passwords and will only allow Konqueror
> to access them. Does anybody know what the ransom is to unlock my
> wallet?

If you have enough disk-space, you could build a jessie chroot with



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