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Re: How do I open a kwallet4 in Stretch?

Hi Borden,

On Freitag, 25. März 2016 23:47:37 CET Borden Rhodes wrote:
> OK, so I stumbled upon https://barlog.rusu.info/valentin/blog/?p=300 ,
> and comment 6 explains the problem: the whole thing's borked because
> "something (that i don’t have the time to investigate) has changed in
> qt5 and the existing kwalletd code, when linked against it, is unable
> to correctly handle kwl files."
> All bugs are shallow in open source, eh, esr?
> So, following the process in comment 8, I can tricked kwalletd into
> running the migration process again, which automatically searches
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet and ports them into the fancy new KWallet
> format. OK, so I have my passwords back now. I'll still pay the ransom
> to get this fixed so that it works as a reasonable person would expect
> it to. I'm also turning off all password management in Konqueror.
> There really should be something in bold lettering in the
> kwalletmanager5 readme warning people of this. I wasted over 6 hours
> of my life on this problem and I really, really don't want others
> wasting their lives like this, too.

Thats wonderful of you. So *then* walk your talk and contribute.

Use reportbug and file a debian bug with a proposol of a text.

Also file a debian bug asking for kwalletmanager4 to be packaged for the time 
being, maybe the Qt/KDE team would do this if given good reasons to do.

I did neither, cause I was fully aware of the situation, reading blogs like 
the one you mentioned, and didn´t use up six hours of my life. Well I did 
spend some time either during the transition perioud, but although 
frustrating, when I do use Debian unstable/experimental I actively agree to 
spend time fixing things and even agree that some things may be broken at 

The situation around Plasma 5 / KDE Frameworks 5 is less than perfect 
currently. The mostly in experimental packaging of it creates a lot of issues 
and I really look forward to the time that Qt/KDE team pushes all of it in 
experimental or there will be PPAs.

But unless there is, thats the game.

Agree to it, help fix it or stay with Jessie.

These are exactly your options.

And yes, I know it can be a ton of frustrating.

And no I do not agree to every upstream decision.

So here you have a good way to help with a speficic area. File a bug report, 
propose a text since you are deep into the matter and actively help to improve 

I am sure your contribution would be welcomed and I would help to push it 
forward and bring it to the attention of the team. Its issues like this Debian 
can stand out in helping users with (and do at least a bit to fix or mitigate 
severe upstream shortcomings).

Thank you,

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