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Re: squeeze, kde4 and plasma-desktop

Le Lun 15 février 2010 19:46, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. a écrit :
> SC = Software Compilation.  Plasma is part of KDE SC 4.4, but so are a
lot of things I have no use for.
> There was a fairly recent rebranding.  "KDE" now refers to the people
that participate in the project.  "KDE SC" is the software.

thanks for clarifying

>> (although a kde without kmail would be nice because i never use it.).
> Install the KDE-minimal package to get a KDE session file for your login
manager, plus the basic libraries and run-time utilities.  Then, install
the applications you use individually.  The package management system
will pull in any extra run-time dependencies as needed.

that is how i always do things.. . it's probably more often to not require
all of the k programs than the contrary.

> I couldn't imagine functioning without KMail at this point, I think few
would argue that you "aren't running KDE" if you would rather not have
KMail installed.

I'm sure it's a swell program, however i find it hard to imagine that
every kde user should require kmail. if i have to install it to use the
rest of kde, i'll do it and i've done before.. it's a bit like having to
install outlook express to use WindOS... ..

>> i'll give kde4 another try (when it's fixed) and see if it can still be
configured to be simple and straightforward, in the meantime xfce4
seems to be more stable and doesn't have plasma (yet).
> When I use plasma as kicker+kdesktop (what I had in KDE 3), it never
> Never.  It also consumes less RAM and fewer CPU cycles.  If you want
> KDE 4 can be much smaller that KDE 3 could.

Like i said, i will give it another go when it's no longer broken

> There's little reason for someone that is happy with KDE 3 on
> Debian to move to KDE 4, yet.

i upgraded from lenny to squeeze for reasons that have nothing to do with
kde. during the process kde3 was replaced by 4.

thanks for your time Boyd.  :]



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