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Re: squeeze, kde4 and plasma-desktop

Le Lun 15 février 2010 19:46, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. a écrit :
> SC = Software Compilation.  Plasma is part of KDE SC 4.4, but so are a
> lot of things I have no use for.
> There was a fairly recent rebranding.  "KDE" now refers to the people
> that participate in the project.  "KDE SC" is the software.

thanks for clarifying

>> (although a kde without kmail would be nice because i never use it.).
> Install the KDE-minimal package to get a KDE session file for your login
> manager, plus the basic libraries and run-time utilities.  Then, install
> the applications you use individually.  The package management system
> will pull in any extra run-time dependencies as needed.

that is how i always do things.. . it's probably more often to not require
all of the k programs than the contrary.

> I couldn't imagine functioning without KMail at this point, I think few
> would argue that you "aren't running KDE" if you would rather not have
> KMail installed.

I'm sure it's a swell program, however i find it hard to imagine that
every kde user should require kmail. if i have to install it to use the
rest of kde, i'll do it and i've done before.. it's a bit like having to
install outlook express to use WindOS... ..

>> i'll give kde4 another try (when it's fixed) and see if it can still be
>> configured to be simple and straightforward, in the meantime xfce4 seems
>> to be more stable and doesn't have plasma (yet).
> When I use plasma as kicker+kdesktop (what I had in KDE 3), it never
> crashes. Never.  It also consumes less RAM and fewer CPU cycles.  If you
> want minimal,KDE 4 can be much smaller that KDE 3 could.

Like i said, i will give it another go when it's no longer broken

> There's little reason for someone that is happy with KDE 3 on
> Debian to move to KDE 4, yet.

i upgraded from lenny to squeeze for reasons that have nothing to do with
kde. during the process kde3 was replaced by 4.

thanks for your time Boyd.  :]



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