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Re: squeeze, kde4 and plasma-desktop

On Monday 15 February 2010 12:17:16 Emmanuel Revah wrote:
> I am sorry, apparently according to wikipedia plasma is the new kde 4 sc
> (if anyone can tell me what the "SC" means..)

SC = Software Compilation.  Plasma is part of KDE SC 4.4, but so are a lot of 
things I have no use for.

There was a fairly recent rebranding.  "KDE" now refers to the people that 
participate in the project.  "KDE SC" is the software.

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE#Fourth_series
> So kicker replaced by plasma etc.. etc..  so you are probably right to say
> that there's no point of making a new kde without plasma..

Parts of kicker were put into plasma itself, parts were put into individual 
plasmoids, parts were the start for KRunner.

> (although a kde
> without kmail would be nice because i never use it.).

Install the KDE-minimal package to get a KDE session file for your login 
manager, plus the basic libraries and run-time utilities.  Then, install the 
applications you use individually.  The package management system will pull in 
any extra run-time dependencies as needed.

I couldn't imagine functioning without KMail at this point, I think few would 
argue that you "aren't running KDE" if you would rather not have KMail 

> what i used to have with kde for the past 6 years or so is a clean and
> minimal desktop, so many options available allowed me to tune it down to
> my tastes etc etc. now it seems that the plasma thing is going to make so
> much change that it'll just be as if kde has died and now there is a new
> thing called kde4 which feels more like a fork..

KDE 4 is a re-architected KDE.  They didn't maintain source or binary 
compatibility, and felt free to smash well-known programs/libraries and put 
the pieces where they *made more sense*.

It is *very* different, just like KDE 3 was very different from KDE 2 and 
Gtk-2 was very different from Gtk-1.2.  Any KDE 3 specific "skills" and 
configuration won't directly translate.  This happens when a new Major version 
is released.

> i'll give kde4 another try (when it's fixed) and see if it can still be
> configured to be simple and straightforward, in the meantime xfce4 seems
> to be more stable and doesn't have plasma (yet).

When I use plasma as kicker+kdesktop (what I had in KDE 3), it never crashes.  
Never.  It also consumes less RAM and fewer CPU cycles.  If you want minimal, 
KDE 4 can be much smaller that KDE 3 could.

When I start adding plasmoids and managing multiple activites, I can generally 
get it to crash.  It'll also eat up memory.  If I try and use desktop effects 
on a non-accelerated system, my CPU usage will spike badly.  If you want all 
the bells and whistle on the leading edge, you get all the hardware 
requirements and bugs as well.

I think KDE 4 in Sid is quite usable.  It's not a feature for feature match of 
KDE 3, but it's not supposed to be.  If you want to stick with KDE 3, though, 
Lenny has it and will have security support for a year after the Squeeze 
release.  There's little reason for someone that is happy with KDE 3 on Debian 
to move to KDE 4, yet.
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