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Re: squeeze, kde4 and plasma-desktop

On Sunday 14 February 2010 14:22:53 Andreas Marschke wrote:
> it is a good question wether or not plasma needs to be installed or not.The
> problem of Plasma is thats its  _the_ KDE Desktop Shell. Thus you could
>  (for example) use Fluxbox with KWin as a Window manager. But you will miss
>  out on most of its integration that makes KDE as a hole that good.
> A possible workaround might be doing a "kde-micro" package and have in
> there core apps such as Dolphin,KMail, KWin,DragonPlayer,Konsole etc. but
> keep Plasma Workspace and the Plasma Shell out of it.
> Is that possible from a packaging point of view in any way?

While possible.  I don't think it is worth the time.  I also think calling a 
random group of KDE applications "kde-micro" seem a bit dishonest or at least 
ingenious to me.  I don't feel like I'm in "KDE" just because I'm using KMail 
and Konsole; I expect KWin, KRunner, and (yes) Plasma.

If you just want specific KDE applications, just install them -- the package 
management system will pull in the libraries and other run-time dependencies.  
If you want a single meta-package (though I don't see a reason for that), it's 
pretty easy to roll your own.
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