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Re: squeeze, kde4 and plasma-desktop

Le Lun 15 février 2010 18:49, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. a écrit :
> On Sunday 14 February 2010 14:22:53 Andreas Marschke wrote:
>> it is a good question wether or not plasma needs to be installed or
>> not.The
>> problem of Plasma is thats its  _the_ KDE Desktop Shell. Thus you could
>>  (for example) use Fluxbox with KWin as a Window manager. But you will
>> miss
>>  out on most of its integration that makes KDE as a hole that good.
>> A possible workaround might be doing a "kde-micro" package and have in
>> there core apps such as Dolphin,KMail, KWin,DragonPlayer,Konsole etc.
>> but
>> keep Plasma Workspace and the Plasma Shell out of it.
>> Is that possible from a packaging point of view in any way?
> While possible.  I don't think it is worth the time.  I also think calling
> a
> random group of KDE applications "kde-micro" seem a bit dishonest or at
> least
> ingenious to me.  I don't feel like I'm in "KDE" just because I'm using
> KMail
> and Konsole; I expect KWin, KRunner, and (yes) Plasma.
> If you just want specific KDE applications, just install them -- the
> package
> management system will pull in the libraries and other run-time
> dependencies.
> If you want a single meta-package (though I don't see a reason for that),
> it's
> pretty easy to roll your own.

I am sorry, apparently according to wikipedia plasma is the new kde 4 sc
(if anyone can tell me what the "SC" means..)
So kicker replaced by plasma etc.. etc..  so you are probably right to say
that there's no point of making a new kde without plasma.. (although a kde
without kmail would be nice because i never use it.).

what i used to have with kde for the past 6 years or so is a clean and
minimal desktop, so many options available allowed me to tune it down to
my tastes etc etc. now it seems that the plasma thing is going to make so
much change that it'll just be as if kde has died and now there is a new
thing called kde4 which feels more like a fork..

i'll give kde4 another try (when it's fixed) and see if it can still be
configured to be simple and straightforward, in the meantime xfce4 seems
to be more stable and doesn't have plasma (yet).



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