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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

On Thursday 14 May 2009, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> krunner looks in libexec dir as well, so it should work.

 You're absolutely right.  For some reason, my command-line
 option within krunner had disabled itself.  Turning it on again
 makes kdesu usable from krunner.

 OTOH, I see that to run an app as a different user or with a
 different priority, rather than Alt-O (Options) I now have to
 click on krunner's settings icon, then click on the krunner
 command line option settings icon ... and then ...

> KDE4 is in general identifying several bugs related to X.
> But you are claiming you haven't upgraded your X in 6 months?

 No no, of course not.  But the graphics bugs popped up at the
 same time as KDE4.  It may be happenstance - like the annoying
 keyboard and mouse problem relating to xorg's upgrades - so I'll
 go hunt down an earlier intel driver and see if that fixes my
 graphics artefacts problems.

> There is no quanta sources is unstable, so someone needs to do
> something.
> Else, I'm planning to close all open quanta bugs soon with a "removed
> from debian".

 This would be sad, as it's still a very competent editor.  With
 netbeans' future now a little dubious, it might even get some
 kind of resurgence in interest amongst KDE types.

 The bug - embarrassingly brief summary (sorry!) - that I reported
 is at : http://bugs.debian.org:80/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=523551

 Lisandro seemed to be suggesting that this resolution was
 quite workable.  If the package has been orphaned, well,
 that's a far bigger problem of course.


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