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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

Am Freitag 15 Mai 2009 11:15:04 schrieb Modestas Vainius
> It is perfectly usable, I have also used it for 6 years (POP3 and IMAP),
> lost a few mails. Yes, it does crash sometimes, it does have connection
> problems on unreliable connections, but come on, it is a pretty nice mail
> client, restarting it usually solves most issues. If you hate kmail, switch
> to something else. Plain simple.
I can only second that, I used Kmail for nearly a decade too. And I think its 
perfectly usable, too. I had only a few minor crashes. 
And I had only minor crashes, if any, in the kde4 KMail, too. I especially 
didnt lose any Mail since kde4 and Im using it since its introduction in kde 
4.1 (I think).



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