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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

 Hi Sune.

 Thank you responding.

 You're right (wrt the akonadi stuff) - it's something I got some
 help with from Michael, et al, on this list a little while back.

 I think cranking up another MySQL instance is not necessarily the
 most optimum approach for an application to do - and it might in
 fact be a distro / packaging issue.  I respect that it's early days
 on this one, though.

> kdesu is a part of kde and fully available in your KDE libexec dir.
> <alt f2> kdesu systemsettings - there you go.

 Okay, then I have the problem of /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/ not being
 in my path.  I see that there's a kdesu_stub (part of kdelibs4 & 5)
 but that's not immediately helpful here of course.

 Is that really in the PATH for kde4?  If so, any ideas why it's not
 for me and/or where would it normally be set, so I can track it

 I symlinked kdesu into ~/bin/ a while ago, but that wasn't much
 help either, but never returned to identify that problem.

> You seem to have some display corruptions. Especially the intel
> driver is currently known for having big issues with that.

 Yes, I've heard nasty rumours about the Intel driver being a bit
 dodgy, but I was using the same driver on xorg for the previous
 six months.  Consequently I think it'd be a bit disingenuous to
 attribute my current, and quite chronic woes to a graphics driver
 that worked just fine with KDE 3.5.x

> If someone wants to save quanta, they are free to do it. It is soon
> gone from debian unstable, if not already.

 I've already filed a bug with this, and had a bit of a yak with
 the Debian developer, who seemed happy with my proposed solution
 (he thought he'd already done it, as it happens) - quanta will work
 fine in KDE4, it's just a (distribution-related) dependency problem.

> And then you just found a few minor bugs.


 I've gone from a fully functional, rock solid desktop environment
 with 14+ day uptimes (not bad for a netbook), to now using what
 is effectively beta-grade software for the six or so hours I now
 get between system crashes.

 We might have to agree to disagree on the scale of the bugs here.


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