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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

On 2009-05-15, jedd <jedd@progsoc.org> wrote:
>> KDE4 is in general identifying several bugs related to X.
>> But you are claiming you haven't upgraded your X in 6 months?
>  No no, of course not.  But the graphics bugs popped up at the
>  same time as KDE4.  It may be happenstance - like the annoying
>  keyboard and mouse problem relating to xorg's upgrades - so I'll
>  go hunt down an earlier intel driver and see if that fixes my
>  graphics artefacts problems.

The X people started putting newer X in unstable at the same time as we
put kde4 in unstable.

>> There is no quanta sources is unstable, so someone needs to do
>> something.
>> Else, I'm planning to close all open quanta bugs soon with a "removed
>> from debian".
>  This would be sad, as it's still a very competent editor.  With
>  netbeans' future now a little dubious, it might even get some
>  kind of resurgence in interest amongst KDE types.
>  The bug - embarrassingly brief summary (sorry!) - that I reported
>  is at : http://bugs.debian.org:80/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=523551
>  Lisandro seemed to be suggesting that this resolution was
>  quite workable.  If the package has been orphaned, well,
>  that's a far bigger problem of course.

quanta was part of the kdewebdev sources, but isn't any more, so it is

I have also pinged Andrew McMillan (a DD in that bug report) and told him 
the issues and encouraged him to do something about it.

My personal interest in quanta is very low. I haven't run it except to
test that it actually started when uploading new versions of


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