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Re: how to clear cache

On Friday 07 January 2005 07:09, jianan wrote:
> Derek, 'cobaco' and Anders,
> You guys just can't get it, can you? If you don't like a question for 
> reason, just don't answer it. This is just plain, simple commonsense; a 
> unwritten rule of netiquette.  Straight-forward answer for a 
> question or none at all. What can be simpler than this?

Why this personal insult? You ask too simple questions, by which you bother 
the lists' members with no or little reason, and I'm pointing it out.
You should be able to answer a such simple question by yourself, and if 
websearches and documentation do not help, at least excuse for asking a such 
simple question.

"After visiting some sensitive sites, you are advised to 'clear the cache' for 
security reason. In IE, this involves clearing files in a folder, and there's 
a button for that

How is this handle in Konqueror?"

It's almost self-explanatory, but it could hypothetically be a mystery to you. 
Therefore I try to be nice and answer in a way you can use. Refer to my quite 
confused answer to your question "gui for cd-rw drive". However, noticing 
that you continued posting simple questions, I react when you reach the top 
with this one.
It seems as if you're abusing the list, and thereby, us; either out of lack of 
knowledge of the way of mailing-lists, or out of lazyness. Either is 
unacceptable in long-term.

I have no intention about being rude. I really do not think I was, but I'm 
sorry if it sounded so to you.
Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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