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Re: how to clear cache

On Friday, 7 de January de 2005 07:09, jianan wrote:
> Derek, 'cobaco' and Anders,
> You guys just can't get it, can you? If you don't like a question for
> whatever reason, just don't answer it. This is just plain, simple
> commonsense; a basic unwritten rule of netiquette.  Straight-forward answer
> for a straight-forward question or none at all. What can be simpler than
> this?

Jesús talks here: 
jianan, the thing is: You are asking so simple questions. People gives you 
some advice and you just refuse it.  You are also not quoting properly and 
respecting threads, so you are getting some criticism and you don't even 
accept it? Please humbly read the links people sent you. 

> Learn from Jesus (sorry the pun is unintentional).

An please, do not make double sense with my name. I have nothing to do with 
that other guy ;)

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