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Re: kdm docbook docs

El Viernes, 7 de Enero de 2005 07:34, Brian Sammon escribió:
> > > Looking through the kdm package, it appears that the most substantial
> > > documentation  is in /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdm and is in docbook
> > > format. How do I read that documentation?
> >
> > In konqueror: help:/kdm
> Is this the only way of reading the documentation?

No, there is khelpcenter, as Matías said, however, I can't find it there.

> Right now, as I understand it:
> kdm, which doesn't depend on, recommend, or suggest konqueror, requires
> konqueror to read the docs.
> This sounds like I should submit a bug report.

I don't think is a bug. The functionality that the help:/ ioslave provides, is 
in kdelibs, not in konqueror.

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