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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 11:42:21AM +0100, Charles de Miramon scrawled:
> Sadly, it is not the first time that Chris Cheney has been incapable of 
> communicating, cooperating with others and creating a team spirit.

I've never had any problems communicating with Chris, and I think the
spirit of the Debian-KDE team is very much alive.

> We still don't have a proper web site,
So create one.
> Karolina's hard work is more or less wasted,

We have orth's debs, which are excellent. Karolina's debs were forked,
pure and simple, and it's always going to be almost impossible for
anyone to support a forked solution. orth/etc happen to track our CVS,
which is cool. Karolina was several billion revisions behind, and didn't
believe in Conflicts/Replaces. They were a short-term stopgap, and were
always intended as such. We have excellent 3.1 debs created by an
excellent 3.1 team, so I don't see what your problem is.

> progress on the Debian desktop initiative has been null

So start talking to the debian-desktop people.

> and the 
> prospect of a simple kde metapackage for easy installation for newbies seems 
> a farfetched dream.

So create one.

> A good maintainer for KDE in Debian should not only have good technical skills 
> but be able to manage a team of fellows packagers, communicate to the users 
> and power users for feedback, delegates some tasks. Ralf Nolden is good at 
> it, Ivan Moore was good at it. Chris is much younger and don't have this 
> experience, maybe he can learn. Indeed, if he wants to have a successfull 
> career in IT after University, learning to be a good team manager should be 
> his priority as it looks like it is its main weakness.

I resent your ageism intruding into this. Chris is an excellent
maintainer. Just because he doesn't have the time to answer the same
question repeatedly to people who would rather complain than either fix
the problem, or accept that they've done far, far less for the Debian
KDE community than Chris, doesn't make him a bad maintainer. He did
quite a good job of managing Ralf, David P, Ben, orth and myself under
less-than-ideal circumstances and time constraints - I have absolutely
no qualms with how he did this.

If you're so fanatical about this, go do something. Make a website. Talk
to debian-desktop. Create a metapackage, whatever. It's more productive
than the email you just sent.

Daniel, ex-KDE maintainer, ex-KDE co-maintainer under Chris

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