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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

tisdagen den 4 mars 2003 23.41 skrev Daniel Stone:

> We have orth's debs, which are excellent. Karolina's debs were forked,
> pure and simple, and it's always going to be almost impossible for
> anyone to support a forked solution. orth/etc happen to track our CVS,
> which is cool. Karolina was several billion revisions behind, and didn't
> believe in Conflicts/Replaces. They were a short-term stopgap, and were
> always intended as such. 

That is purely and simply incorrect. Originally I forked from CVS, in the 
summer 2002, but now so much is changed that it is now completely separated 
from CVS. I had a working KDE on debian long before the "official" team even 
started to work on making packages.

As it is now I have a stable KDE for debian, as well as over 60 


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