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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

The rumor on IRC was that there is a license problem that holds kdenetwork 
getting into Debian.

What are these license problems, I have no idea. To my knowledge, Chris Cheney 
has not posted on kde-policies or on any kde mailing lists on this topic. 

Sadly, it is not the first time that Chris Cheney has been incapable of 
communicating, cooperating with others and creating a team spirit.
We still don't have a proper web site, Karolina's hard work is more or less 
wasted, progress on the Debian desktop initiative has been null and the 
prospect of a simple kde metapackage for easy installation for newbies seems 
a farfetched dream.

A good maintainer for KDE in Debian should not only have good technical skills 
but be able to manage a team of fellows packagers, communicate to the users 
and power users for feedback, delegates some tasks. Ralf Nolden is good at 
it, Ivan Moore was good at it. Chris is much younger and don't have this 
experience, maybe he can learn. Indeed, if he wants to have a successfull 
career in IT after University, learning to be a good team manager should be 
his priority as it looks like it is its main weakness.



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