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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 23:41, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Just because he doesn't have the time to answer the same
> question repeatedly to people who would rather complain than either fix
> the problem, or accept that they've done far, far less for the Debian
> KDE community than Chris, doesn't make him a bad maintainer. 

Well,  in this case Chris didn't seem to answer the question even once, at 
least not on this list. Hence, if you do not know what the problem actually 
is how could you help fixing it? All we/I knew was that there was a problem, 
whatever it was. So, all that I did complain was that nobody told me/the list 
what the problem is.

After all, I'm very happy about how soon the first official packages have been 
available. Hence, Chris is definetely not a bad maintainer. But it would make 
him a better maintainer if he decided to communicate a bit more with the 

But now that Chris has finally answered I have nothing to complain anymore.



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