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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 11:42:21AM +0100, Charles de Miramon wrote:
> The rumor on IRC was that there is a license problem that holds kdenetwork 
> getting into Debian.
> What are these license problems, I have no idea. To my knowledge, Chris Cheney
> has not posted on kde-policies or on any kde mailing lists on this topic. 

It was a debian specific issue due to the fact kdenetwork uses libslp
which was linked to openssl (openssl should die already). This has been
resolved but was still held up due to Qt packaging being structured (see
my other email).

> Sadly, it is not the first time that Chris Cheney has been incapable of 
> communicating, cooperating with others and creating a team spirit.
> We still don't have a proper web site, Karolina's hard work is more or less 
> wasted, progress on the Debian desktop initiative has been null and the 
> prospect of a simple kde metapackage for easy installation for newbies seems 
> a farfetched dream.

Do we need a website? If we actually do I am not the only person who can
maintain it... Ben, Daniel, Martin, Norman, Paul, and Ralf(?) all have
debian accounts as well.

As far as I know Karolina's manpages are supposedly being integrated
upstream, someone came on irc #debian-kde (I forgot her name) talking
about doing manpages in upstream KDE and I sent all the related manpages
to her.

If there are other things that people would like to have integrated
from Karolina's work please let me know, it has been a while since I
looked at them.

I will also be integrating some of the changes that Orth made.

What changes are needed wrt Debian Desktop? Walters has been working on
a package for it, but since KDE hasn't even managed to build on all
arches yet I haven't looked into what is needed yet.

As far as meta-kde goes I have already stated before that it would be
the last package uploaded since it wouldn't be installable until all the
rest are in anyway. Hopefully I can upload it this weekend.

> A good maintainer for KDE in Debian should not only have good technical skill 
> but be able to manage a team of fellows packagers, communicate to the users 
> and power users for feedback, delegates some tasks. Ralf Nolden is good at 
> it, Ivan Moore was good at it. Chris is much younger and don't have this 
> experience, maybe he can learn. Indeed, if he wants to have a successfull 
> career in IT after University, learning to be a good team manager should be 
> his priority as it looks like it is its main weakness.

I suppose Ivan might be older than me, never asked him his age. As far
as communications go, I have communicated with the other packagers
primarily Ben, Martin, Ralf, until Feb 25th it would have been pointless
to upload any more KDE packages at all, since it would have had issues
compiling. Then I had problems booting my box which I let the other
maintainers know about (at least iirc). 

At this point the first thing I need to do is kick coolo so he will fix
acinclude.m4.in bug that keeps s390 from being able to build. Perhaps
you can convince him to make the change. :)

The issue is it defaults to using lib64 as the dirname if the system has
a lib64 dir at all (with no way to overide it short of patching every
packages admin dir), which causes s390 builds to fail, since on s390
libqt is in lib not lib64.


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