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Re: Printing with CUPS 1.1.10 on KDE 2.1.2

Hi Achim,

> I guess your KDE used lpr and if no PRINTER var is defined lpr use the
> queue lp as default.  For cups forget the fragile PRINTER settings. With

Thanks for your help. Based on your indications and from others I figured
out the problem:
Under testing, CUPS writes the printers configuration in /etc/printcap.cups
and KDE uses the "regular" /etc/printcap. Print was never configured on that
machine before installing KDE, so printcap contained a default non-existant
printer that was used by KDE applications. CUPS or the command line lp
(replaced by CUPS) used the printcap.cups one.
Merging the two files (or changing its definition in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf)
solved the problem.

Pierre Metras

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