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Re: Printing with CUPS 1.1.10 on KDE 2.1.2

On Thursday 04 October 2001 18:45, Pierre Métras wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've installed CUPS 1.1.10 from testing on KDE 2.1.2. The printer is seen by
> CUPS and I can print the test page or from the command line with lp.
> But I can't have Konqueror or Kword print. When I select the print menu,
> they propose a default daisyprint (if I remember correctly), and nothing
> happens when I confirm the dialog.
> But I observe an error message into /var/log/cups/error_log:
>     E [02/Oct/2001:15:29:19 -0500] print_job: resource name '/printers/lp'
> no good!
> If I print with "lp", I can see in CUPS logs that the print filtering and
> spooling is correctly working...
> How are configured printers for applikations? And where is this strange
> "/printers/lp" defined?

I guess your KDE used lpr and if no PRINTER var is defined lpr use the
queue lp as default.  For cups forget the fragile PRINTER settings. With

        echo Default {yourqueuehere} >> /etc/cups/lpoptions

set the systemwide default queue for the cups client tools.  Users
can change it in file ~/.lpoptions or via PRINTER (and/or LPDEST?)

> Any help would be really appreciated.
> Pierre Métras
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