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Re: And uglier

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 12:02:18AM -0500, Whit Blauvelt wrote:
> So the next experiment is whether the unofficial Potato KDE 2.1.1 will
> install on Progeny nicely....


I use Potato KDE2.1.1 with Progeny, with only a few problems. One is :
Progeny and Ivan has libvorbis and libogg too, and by default, libs are
from Ivan, vorbis-tools are from Progeny installed, which drives to
segfault the oggenc. You must hold the Progeny packages (1.0beta3-1),
because apt-get will upgrade it to Ivan's (1.0beta4-0.potato1). I think the
problem is with Progeny's vorbis-tools, which doesn't depends to the correct
version of libogg0 and libvorbis0. (Actually, it depends without version

Just my $0.02.

Sorry for bad english, and for wasting your time :)

Ps.: why isn't the 'reply-to' field of this list set to the list-address?
Now I cannot simply 'reply' to messages, I must always do 'reply to all'
(which isn't a Good Thing (tm), because the original sender receives two
times my big and boring mail :) )

Ákos Putz

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