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Re: update/upgrade broke licq

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 06:18:15PM -0700, G. L. `Griz' Inabnit wrote:
> On Monday 07 May 2001 17:05, JC Portlock wrote something to this effect:
> > Hi y'all,
> >
> > Apt-get updated and upgraded my potato box last night.  I didn't notice
> > till just now that Licq is no longer on the K-menu and when I try to
> > run it in konsole I get this:
> >
> > Dir=~ pts/2$ licq
> > 16:54:51: [WRN] Licq: Ignoring stale lockfile (pid 22052)
> John,
> 	You've got a stale lockfile (usually ~/.licq/licq.pid). If that file exists,
> rm it and try again.

As you can see, the stale lockfile is only a warning. The problem is
probably with the changed qt-libraries. John, try to upgrade your licq, or
when it is not possible, compile it yourself. If you have deb-srcs in your
sources.list, you can easily do it with

apt-get -b source licq

(or something similar, I do not know the correct package name)
Of course, if licq is from kde.debian.org, then you don't have luck, Ivan
probably doesn't creates src debs (yet?).

Sorry for the bad english.

Akos Putz

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