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And uglier

Since Potato wasn't happy on the target system, what the hey, went to
upgrade it to Woody and xfree4. Make the change in sources, run apt-get,
only gets half-way there, run dselect, not much better, run dselect and get
fvwm, suddenly it decides it's really going to upgrade a bunch of stuff. It
was after that I added xfree4, which seems to go okay, but now there's not
even startx on the system.

Okay, found and installed the package with startx, now it chokes because it
can't find the 'fixed' font. And anXious just exits quickly ... eh, where
are the alternatives to get X actually configured here?

I like Debian based on other experiences, but this should not be such a
bear, just getting a working install on a reasonably standard system that
took Mandrake just fine a year ago (despite which I've no fondness for
Mandrake - it was just a way to test and learn what was wrong with it).

Can someone recommend a clear route to get Woody up with xfree4 and kde2? I
can't waste another day on this, but would be happy to wipe and spend
another couple of hours on it if I thought that would result in the system
being up and clean.


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