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Re: Debian distributions of stable OpenJDK updates

On 26.05.19 23:51, tony mancill wrote:
> Thank you for weighing in on the thread.  I have been building openjdk
> packages all weekend and now understand that the version number is
> required to be numeric as per the upstream build system - i.e.,
> VERSION_BUILD won't pass the test here [1] if it is arbitrarily changed
> from from 7 to ga.  So 11.0.3+7 it is.  My bad for proposing otherwise
> in this thread, before I got more familiar with the build system...
> For the update to buster via testing-proposed-updates, I have prepared
> 11.0.3+7-4+deb10u1, which is simply your 11.0.3+7-4 package [2] targeted
> at buster via t-p-u and with the changelog updated to note that 11.0.3+7
> is the GA release from OpenJDK.  This will address the CVEs currently
> open against the version in buster.
> Does that sound acceptable for upload to Debian?  Would you prefer a
> different approach?

Please coordinate with Moritz, as he is doing the security updates. Either
testing-proposed-updates or testing-security is ok.

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