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Re: FOSDEM 19 Debian Java talk


I'm still recovering from the infamous conference flu but I wanted to
give you a short report about the talk and the discussions afterwards.

You can find all the relevant links here. [1]

While I was going through all the stuff we talked about, I realized that
I would easily exceed my time limit. Thus I focused on Emmanuel's
suggestion to present our achievements during the Buster release cycle
in the first part and then I tried to explain the difference between
Java's version centric approach and Debian's preferences.

Apparently that aroused some interest and I got feedback from four
audience members after the talk.

The Fedora maintainer of Tycho and Eclipse offered help and support if
someone wants to update and maintain Eclipse.

Someone wanted to get more involved in Debian Java and I suggested to
get involved by contacting debian-java@lists.debian.org.

Andrej Shadura told me that he was working on Kotlin but discovered the
same issues I mentioned during my talk.

Another Java developer approached me and told me that he was impressed
by the amount of work we are doing but couldn't understand why we would
waste our talent on fighting Java build systems. ;) He was employed in a
company with 1500 employees that only does Java stuff and he told me
that 90% of his use cases are uberjars and docker images. :)

In conclusion I can highly recommend to visit FOSDEM once at least
because it is a great opportunity to connect with people and to broaden
one's mind.

I can also recommend to view some of these talks:




where Brian Goetz talks about what we can expect from Java language-wise
in the future. Project "Valhalla" and "Metropolis" (integrating GraalVM
into OpenJDK?) sounded promising. In a nutshell nobody should have to
worry about Java. It looks like it will last for another 20 years at least.

That's it for now.






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