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Re: FOSDEM 19 Debian Java talk

Hi Markus,

Le 29/01/2019 à 19:00, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> I will attend FOSDEM 19 in Brussels this weekend (03.02.2019, 12:40
> local time) and give a lightning talk (15 min) about our heroics.
> https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/debian_java/

Thanks a lot for holding that talk. I won't be able to attend by I can
make some suggestions.

> Naturally there is not enough time to explain everything in detail but
> it should be adequate to put our message across. Here is your chance.
> What do you consider important or what would you like other people from
> the community to know?

You could maybe summarize the upcoming Java related changes in Buster. I
started thinking about a blog post on this topic, the freeze is the good
time to publish it. Some items worth mentioning:
- the transition to OpenJDK 11 and the massive effort involved (more
than 400 package updates the last time I counted)
- the state of the build tools. Ant and Maven are up to date, Gradle is
stuck at the last pre-Kotlin version. SBT still being worked on.
- the state of the JVM languages: Groovy 2.14, Scala 2.11.12 (2.12
requires SBT), Clojure 1.9. Kotlin is wanted but difficult to bootstrap.
- the state of the IDEs: Eclipse is gone (lack of maintainers), Netbeans 10
- on the application servers side: Jetty 9.4 and Tomcat 9, fully up to
date, and now with systemd integration.
- the reproducibility rate is now around 85% (Stretch was around 75%).

> I would like to reuse some of the scripts that we used for our last blog
> post in 2016 [1] to fetch some packaging statistics. Are those scripts
> still available? Otherwise I intend to use UDD a lot.

I have a script that compares the packages between two releases but I
haven't published it yet. I'll run it and post the result for the
stretch/testing differences (it doesn't addresses the maintainer/bug
counts though).

> What specific OpenJDK changes caused the most grief?

- New layout of the JDK installation
- Removal of tools.jar
- Removal of the JavaEE APIs (activation, JAXB, JAXWS...)
- Removal of javah
- javac source/target pre 1.6 removal.
- ByteBuffer return type changes (Java 11 compiled code breaks with 8)
- sun.misc.Unsafe breaking changes
- Javadoc pendantic errors, JQuery embedding

But let's not rant too much and keep the talk positive :)

> Why we all love JavaDoc? :E

Grrr :)

Emmanuel Bourg

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