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Re: old version of scala

On 05.02.2019 16:40, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
Then, yes, an upgrade to 2.12 should be done. Using the new --release
option in javac 11, it can be built looking as if it were using JDK 8,
but JRE 8 is not really available any more either (I believe the idea
was to ship buster without src:openjdk-8), so it has to work under
JRE 11.

An issue is that classes in the jdk might have changed or been moved and also affected by changes in the jvm or language spec. So, I would be more comfortable speaking about jdk versions rather than jvm versions or language versions and backawards compatability.

There is also a difference in compatability in terms of compiling vs running. It is advised that compilation of scala code be done on a jdk 8, but can in most cases be run on later versions that are backwards compatible (but here there is a matrix for which version of scala are minimum versions that a jvm version can run.)

Well, yes, this is a good idea in general. However, it will most
likely be way too late for inclusion in buster, unless you have
it ready AND tested with all r-deps by end of this week or so.

Otherwise someone™ should decide whether the current state of
scala should be shipped with buster at all or that it’s too
buggy and should be excluded from the release and reintroduced

I can't attest to the entire state og the scala build in debian, so I suggest it remains as is, possibly with a compatability warning for the package. then provided an upgraded version of the scala package as soon as its complete and possible.

I am looking into the compatability issues to clarify all details and speaking with the scala developers, but as far as I can gather right now, jdk and jre 8 is the safest bet for scala 2.12.8, both for compiling and running scala code and for build the scala proejct.

So, how should I proceed?



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