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Re: RFS: javacsv

On 24/12/10 14:00, Matthew Johnson wrote:
On Wed Dec 15 21:53, Niels Thykier wrote:
I admit being pedantic here; but there is potentially still an issue
here (two actually). If upstream were to take code from the packaging,
they would still have to bump their LGPL-2.1 to LGPL-3, since the
packaging is LGPL-3. Also the packaging license does not have the "or
any later" so upstream or anyone deriving from it would be unable to
switch to a LGPL-4 (if such a license is ever created).

If this is what you intended, then that is fine. I just want to be sure
that you are aware of the consequence here.

Pedantry is fine! I've updated the package in both svn and on mentors to
use LGPL-2.1 or later.


Uploaded, thanks for your contribution.

Note I altered the wording in d/copyright - I figured it was not worth
another email exchange. :)
Sorry to be late to the party, but is this any different to libcsv-java, which
I've already packaged?

Hi Matt,

Sorry, it appears it's the same package. I'd searched for the file javacsv.jar in the archives, but didn't find it because your package builds csv.jar whereas the upstream build process builds javacsv.jar.

Is there a way to remove my package from the pending uploads queue?


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