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Re: RFS: javacsv

On 15/12/10 14:18, Niels Thykier wrote:
> On 2010-12-14 21:08, Andrew Ross wrote:
>> [...]
>> I had no reason to use GPL-3 for packaging, so I've changed it to
>> LGPL-3. I've also updated the copyright file to mention "LGPL-2.1 or any
>> later".
> I admit being pedantic here; but there is potentially still an issue
> here (two actually). If upstream were to take code from the packaging,
> they would still have to bump their LGPL-2.1 to LGPL-3, since the
> packaging is LGPL-3. Also the packaging license does not have the "or
> any later" so upstream or anyone deriving from it would be unable to
> switch to a LGPL-4 (if such a license is ever created).
> If this is what you intended, then that is fine. I just want to be sure
> that you are aware of the consequence here.

Pedantry is fine! I've updated the package in both svn and on mentors to
use LGPL-2.1 or later.


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