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Re: Quitting debian-java

Seth Arnold wrote:

* Artur Radosz <slu@ags.pl> [010302 01:10]:

Artur, the problem is very simple. I hope I can explain it simply enoug
Debian is about Free Software. Free as in BSD, GPL, LGPL, Artistic,
XFree86, etc. All these licenses satisfy the requirements of the Debian

What about non-free? What about real-player? Netscape and others?

non-free is not part of Debian. realplayer comes only as an installer.

For me it`s :). It`s listed in installer. Mirorred on your sites. Packaged in .deb.

Netscape is there by virtue of being *the* web browser. I would imagine
its days are numbered. (As konqueror, mozilla, and more improve
drastically every day..)

Yeah, mozilla is really, really close. Btw. mozilla gui isn`t customizable? Funny.

Anyway, there is a way to put java2 in debian (ok, in non-free) as installer. However i don`t like realplayer installer. Instead i see a installer that fetch archive (like in xanim modules), before this displaying licensee and using sun webpages, just with different dislplay method. I hope that it will don`t break Your laws. Could it go into non-free? Another question what about packages that will depends on it? Where it should go? Contrib sounds resonable.


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