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Re: Quitting debian-java

On Thursday 1 March 2001, at 16 h 40, the keyboard of Artur Radosz <slu@ags.pl>

> Anyway i hope that after quiting main Java2 blocker

I will learn Peter's lesson, I will not write this is absurd. But it is: the 
fact that Java2 is non-free (and not even redistributable) is not my decision, 
but Sun's.

> And maybe more democratic decision making system will be developed?

You seem to believe that I was a sort of dictator (nominated by who, BTW?) who 
had the power to decide what goes or does not go into Debian. If you think so, 
may I suggest that you understood nothing about the way Debian (or any 
volunteer effort) works?

Go ahead, stop whining, package Java2 and try to upload it. I never had the 
power to block it. Sun's lawyers have it. And the Debian FTPmaster also has, 
too, because he is officially in charge (I never was) of preventing illegal 
packages to be distributed in Debian (because carelessness of one packager 
could endanger the whole Debian project if Sun sues us).

So, if you think I had any power, go ahead, take it. Disclaimer: do not tell I 
didn't warn you.

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